“Kathleen Lowson is a first rate producer with excellent people skills and programming instincts.  She not only comes through under pressure, but she performs with passion, professionalism and a commitment to making the world a better place.” 

- Susan Haymer, Award winning producer, writer, director

"It was my good fortune to be contacted by Kathleen Lowson of Lowson International Studios to participate in a series of television shows she was helming as producer, director and writer.  Knowing how talented and innovative Kathleen is, I immediately agreed, assured that the shows would be of the highest quality.  Her thoughtful script content and her attention to detail made the whole production a rewarding experience.  At a time when most people don't know the definition of "professional integrity"... working with Kathleen is refreshing.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with her on any future projects.  Kathleen stands for what she believes in on all levels and delivers more than promised."

- Alexis Ells, CEO, Terra Oceana Inc. www.terraoceana.com

Founder/Exective Director, The Equine Sanctuary www.theequinesanctuary.org

“I was very impressed with Kathleen’s ability to successfully manage the production and direction process, while maintaining a keen sense of creativity and exploration. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathleen at the creative helm.” 

- Areva Martin, Founding Partner, Martin & Martin, LLP www.arevamartin.com

“Kathleen booked my appearance for the BraveHeart Women TV show on

"The Earth and the Animals: A Reflection of our Global Progress.” 

Kathleen's creation, writing, production and direction of the show were top notch.

She made the day fun and meaningful for everyone.  I'd love to work with Kathleen again.”

- Brenda Barnette, General Manager,  Los Angeles Animal Services

“I got to work with Kathleen with her helming the Braveheart show as director/producer.  Kathleen was SO thorough and had such clear, focused vision for each show that it made it a breeze. She also had tremendous follow-through with me and the other guests to make sure we were well prepared and informed and that made all the difference for me as a guest appearing on the show.  BRAVO for the work she's done and is continuing to do.  If you want the job done and done at its best, no less elevated in the potential impact, hire Kathleen.”

- Lynn Rose, Actress, Speaker, Entrepreneur www.lynnrose.com

“Kathleen provided management consulting services for my theatrical and music career. 

Her ability to uncover a person's strengths and special qualities is enormous in improving one's marketability. Her writing expertise put it all together to increase one's confidence and open doors.  Her resourcefulness, creativity and integrity are outstanding characteristics.”

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

(Hired Kathleen as a Business Consultant more than once)

- Jessica Wicken, Artist, Actress, Musician, Entrepreneur



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