“Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

Founder/CEO of Lowson International Studios, Kathleen has decades of experience in the Motion Picture and Film Industry with alliances in the Hollywood community.

Kathleen independently provides consulting services to writers, filmmakers and other creatives, or those who wish to be, to meet your specific proejct and/or career goals.  She works with beginners, industry professionals and everyone in between.

If you are engaged in the film industry, shifting your position within it, or considering a career move into the industry, you may need the advice of an experienced industry professional.

For general inquiry regarding our film services, please contact us.

Ask A Question

Email an industry-related question and receive an email response within 24 hours. (Monday-Friday)


Schedule a Call

Need to connect one on one?  Schedule a 30-minute teleconference to discuss your project or questions.


Private Consult

Schedule a 1 hour teleconference to consult with Kathleen regarding your project or career in the industry.


Coaching & Mentoring Package

Schedule a consultation call with Kathleen for up to 1 hour, followed by three (3) follow-up calls of up to fifteen minutes each for further mentoring and coaching to keep you on track as you move forward.



Fine-Tune Your Project

Kathleen will perform a thorough review and analysis of your video project or completed film (in the editing stage), which will be followed by a teleconference of up to 1 hour to discuss the analysis, recommended edits and corrections, and answer any further questions.


Creative Brainstorming

A unique service offered by Kathleen from her extensive experience to help solve creative flaws with your film, script or video project.  Whether it's breaking down the film for analysis or brainstorming creative ideas to get you on track, we have an affordable package that will help you achieve your goals.  The package includes the following:  (1)  Teleconference of up to 1 hour to consult with Kathleen on your project; (2) A thorough review and analysis of your film, script or video project; and (3) Two (2) follow-up sessions via teleconference of up to 30 minutes each to brainstorm ideas for creative problem-solving and to keep you on track as you move forward.


Seeking a Director or Producer

If your film is funded and you would like to submit your project for review/consideration for Kathleen to direct or produce your film, email us your letter of interest, details about your film, including synopsis/treatment, budget, cast commitments, etc.  There is a one-time non-refundable fee of $200.00 for this review.  A response will be sent to you within 30 days.  Please note we will only accept copyrighted material.


Consultant On Your Project

Schedule a personal call with Kathleen to discuss becoming a consultant on your project.  Expectations will be discussed followed by a review of your project materials.  There is a $250.00 non-refundable review fee for this service.  If both parties agree to work together, an hourly fee or retainer will be mutually agreed upon.



The analysis of a script is complex, encompassing the understanding of story, script structure, the execution and histrionics of the film itself, and the market it will ultimately serve.  Breaking down your script for analysis will get you on track and help you achieve your goals.

Script Coverage

Schedule a review and analysis of your scripted material.  Full coverage will be sent to you via email within 30-60 days, followed by a 15-minute teleconference to discuss the review and answer any further questions.  Please note we will only accept copyrighted material.


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“Kathleen Lowson is a first rate producer with excellent people skills and programming instincts.  She not only comes through under pressure, but she performs with passion, professionalism and a commitment to making the world a better place.” 

- Susan Haymer, Award winning producer, writer, director

"It was my good fortune to be contacted by Kathleen Lowson of Lowson International Studios to participate in a series of television shows she was helming as director, producer and writer.  Knowing how talented and innovative Kathleen is,

I immediately agreed, assured that the shows would be of the highest quality.  Her thoughtful script content and her attention to detail made the whole production a rewarding experience.  At a time when most people don't know the definition of "professional integrity"... working with Kathleen is refreshing.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with her on any future projects.  Kathleen stands for what she believes in on all levels and delivers more than promised."

- Alexis Ells, CEO, Terra Oceana Inc. www.terraoceana.com

Founder/Exective Director, The Equine Sanctuary www.theequinesanctuary.org

“I was very impressed with Kathleen’s ability to successfully manage the production and direction process, while maintaining a keen sense of creativity and exploration. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathleen at the creative helm.” 

- Areva Martin, Founding Partner, Martin & Martin, LLP www.arevamartin.com

“Kathleen booked my appearance for the BraveHeart TV show on

"The Earth and the Animals:  A Reflection of our Global Progress.” Kathleen's creation, writing, production and direction of the show were top notch.  She made the day fun and meaningful for everyone. 

I'd love to work with Kathleen again.”

- Brenda Barnette, General Manager,  Los Angeles Animal Services

“I got to work with Kathleen with her helming the Braveheart show as director/producer.  Kathleen was SO thorough and had such clear, focused vision for each show that it made it a breeze. She also had tremendous follow-through with me and the other guests to make sure we were well prepared and informed and that made all the difference for me as a guest appearing on the show.  BRAVO for the work she's done and is continuing to do. 

If you want the job done and done at its best, no less elevated in the potential impact, hire Kathleen.”

- Lynn Rose, Actress, Speaker, Entrepreneur www.lynnrose.com