This Fine Art Photography Collection was photographed by Kathleen Lowson, Founder/CEO of Lowson International Studios.  The Collection intrinsically embodies the energy of the natural world through the radiance of light.  The images illuminate the majesty of the oceans, earth, sun, moon, and the ethers, reflecting the elements of water, earth, fire, and air in pure art form, creating an organic environment in interior spaces.

This unique Collection is an earthly conduit to the ethereal energy of the universe, its visual impressions opening the pathway for reflection and contemplation in our evolutionary journey.

Lowson International Studios also provides art consultant services, working in solidarity with design firms, property enhancement firms and staging entities in integrating the artistic canvas within the design plan to fully complement the aesthetic value of the property, and additionally offers commissioned pieces based on individual client needs.

Please contact us for our price list.

Images Copyright Kathleen Lowson.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited and is a copyright infringement.


Sublime images of atmospheric expression

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